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Tracy Dizon Fashion Design and Tiara by Tracy Dizon

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NHK Kawaii Int'l Round 6 Finalist

Aug 2, 2019

NHK Kawaii International Episode#109 "The Hot! The Cool! Best Tokyo Beverages" August 2, 2019 Friday Kawaii Ambassador Finalist Announcement **No Copyright Infringement Intended just documentation**

GMA Pinoy TV: "Becoming Pinoy: Filipino designer making it big in New York!"

June 25, 2019

Perseverance and talent -- these are the keys to Tracy Dizon's success as a fashion designer in New York. But did you know that things weren't that easy for Tracy before? She even faced a lot of rejection and loss before making it to the top. Watch her inspiring story in this video of "Becoming Pinoy."

RMN Iloilo: "Pilipinas sa Amerika Tracy Dizon Radio Interview" (Part 2)

March 30, 2019

Hosted by Josie Moralidad Ziman

March 23, 2019 Thank you Josie Moralidad Ziman and Rmn Iloilo for taking time to share our story to your listeners. "Here’s the 2nd part of our interview with Tracy Dizon of Long Island, New York. Dizon is an award winning streetwear fashion designer, milliner, former costume designer at ABS CBN and former contestant at Project Runway Philippines. She is a single mother to her son Travis Atreyu who’s a brain cancer survivor. They used to live in a shelter in Manila before Tracy was able to make a big name in the fashion industry in the Philippines and other countries." Sharing the Part 2 of a-Two-Part Radio Interview with Josie Moralidad Ziman of Rmn Iloilo Pilipinas sa Amerika - RMN Iloilo! My first interview as a Filipino Immigrant in the US. Here I shared our life story how me and my son survived many trials from the shelter, pursuing school, work and battling his brain tumor. Please catch the full Part 2 Interview in Rmn Iloilo FB page and I also posted it on my Youtube Channel Tracy Dizon. Photo Credits: Redford Mancio, Matthew Ciscart, Candice Talampas Reyes, Jilson Tiu, Dar San Agustin, Michael Maniago, Cenon Norial “Here’s the first part of our interview with Tracy Dizon of Long Island, New York. Dizon is an award winning streetwear fashion designer, milliner, former costume designer at ABS CBN and former contestant at Project Runway Philippines. She is a single mother to her son Travis Atreyu who’s a brain cancer survivor. They used to live in a shelter in Manila before Tracy was able to make a big name in the fashion industry in the Philippines and other countries.”

RMN Iloilo: "Pilipinas sa Amerika Tracy Dizon Radio Interview" (Part 1)

March 16, 2019

Hosted by: Josie Moralidad Ziman

Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 10:30pm (ET)
Tracy Dizon Interview Pilipinas sa Amerika RMN Iloilo hosted by Josie Moralidad Ziman (Part 1)

PTV News: News Lines 2019 Fashion Trend featuring Tracy Dizon (December)

December 28, 2018

Fashion trend for 2019
December 28, 2018 | PTV News| Fashion Trends 2019 featuring Tracy Dizon 
PTV News sharing the 2019 Fashion Trend of #pinoypride of course sharing my very own Fashion Week Brooklyn Pinoy Pop Life Collection! We did it again team!! Watch the full feature:

PTV News PH: 2019 Fashion Trend featuring Tracy Dizon with Cathy U. Vital

December 28, 2018

PTV News PH | PTV | 2019 Fashion Trend News Featuring Tracy Dizon Fashion Designer | December 28, 2018 | © PTV Catherine U. Vital so happy about this! #PTVNEWS | Mga tatak-pinoy na fashion items, bibida sa 2019

PTV Sentro Balita: 2019 Fashion Trend featuring Tracy Dizon

December 28, 2018

December 28, 2018 | PTV Sentro Balita | Fashion Trends 2019 featuring Tracy Dizon | © PTV #SentroBalita: Mga tatak-Pinoy na fashion items, papatok sa 2019

CNN Philippines: Tracy Dizon Feature Story of the Filipino

December 11, 2018

December 11, 2018 | CNN Philippines | Story of the Filipino Episode | © CNN Philippines

Manila-based fashion designer and milliner Tracy Dizon shares her journey at the Fashion Week Brooklyn and how her son inspired her to make it happen. 

The Story of the Filipino aired last December 11, 2018 Tuesday, 930pm, on CNN Philippines.

I was waiting for CNN Philippines if they will be uploading my episode for The Story of the Filipino in their Youtube but apparently not anymore, sadly. This interview was done a day before I won my second win in New York but it seemed to have almost been shelved. Hay, one of my biggest regret is I was forced to trade off another CNN Ph feature for this I wish my episode was given more chance to be seen by more people especially I’m moving na. But I hope you can watch our episode. Sana as we move to New York, CNN naman ang next! Haha! 

The thing with me is, I may take 12 years before getting somewhere winning or whatever, but at least when I said I will do it, I make sure I do even if it takes years. I am also vindictive, at least I would always vindicate all those hardships and oppression I have gone through. I never had that quick rise like most fashion peeps, but I did start from nothing and never used connections and any perks of my family background to get where I did. One thing is so solid in my career in the Philippines, Philippines was more brutal to me than elsewhere. 💪🏼

GMA News TV: "Mars" Hosted by Camille Prats & Suzie Entrata:  Tracy & Atreyu TV Guesting

December 3, 2019

Back in the days when we were in such difficult times and hard times, we would have never thought we would be doing TV Guesting stints as such. It is sincerely so surreal. But nonetheless, we are enjoying the smallest bits of it! GMA News TV Mars, had been very careful and sensitive to our story and we indeed felt safe sharing our story to the GMA Mars TV Production. Thank you for watching our episode! I wish the whole episode was aired it was such an interesting conversation! For our friends and family overseas outside the Philippines, I prepared this complete outtakes, bts and our episode clip for your viewing. What a great honor! See aired Episode via GMA Network: Music: "Talk Show Host" by Rags & Feathers No copyright infringement intended, not a monetized video post. This personal video blog is used as my personal portfolio of my/our PRESS FEATURES as a personality, designer building her brand.

Creativ: Spotlight Designer Tracy Dizon

December 2018

November 27, 2018 | Creativ Magazine | US Publication Feature Congratulations Tracy Dizon Fashion Designer for yet another successful showcase at the Brooklyn Fashion Week!!

PTV Cordillera: Fabrics Used in Tracy Dizon Collection in New York City

November 16, 2018

Kangrunaan A Damag Newscast DAMAG BALLASIW-TAAW: Cordillera fabrics, karaman kadagiti naibida iti fashion week sadiay New York City. Woot! We are in the news again! Thank you PTV Cordillera I wish nothing but to bring the happy fashion news to keep our heritage and local craftsmen connected with this amazing "Love Lokal Trend" going on. Sis Harvic G. Dominguez my biggest and deepest gratitude for all the help in sourcing the local materials up north. The pieces made from the Cordillera Fabrics are amongst the crowd favorites! All thanks to you! Additionally Morissette Amon wearing the ensemble at the LionhearTV #rawrawards2018 was also highlighted in the news!

Makilala TV: "Gotta Love Mom The many Faces of Motherhood" Ep 68 Tracy Dizon TV Guesting

December 13, 2018

Guest Panelists Ann Constantino Beck Pres, Int’l Women Artists Mita Quiogue CEO, Glossy Skinnovation Tracy Dizon Pret-a-Porter Fashion Designer/Milliner Hosts Jen Furer, CPT Author & Fitness coach Cristina Dc Pastor Community Journalist Rachelle Ocampo, EdM Public Health Professional Special Thanks Victor Palmos, Hair and Make-up Vince Gesmundo, Refreshments/Talent Produced by Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) Zenaida Mendez, Director Fredy Pinto, Production & Studio Manager Tiffany Hill Rock, Technical Director MNN Cablecast: 2018 Dec 13 & 27 BronxNet: January QPTV: TBC Opening Song, “Middle C” Copyright © 2011 Jonathon Furer CJ Solutions Inc All Rights Reserved Closing Song, “MakilalaTV” Copyright © 2014 Bassment Productions L.L.C. All Rights Reserved

Early Edition on ANC: "Filipinas Making Waves Abroad!" Tracy Dizon Live Interview on Early Edition on ANC Live Interview by Annaliza Burgos

October 14, 2018

Filipino designer Tracy Dizon bravely steered through the fashion industry to bring her ideas to the world stage. Just this weekend, her all-Filipino-inspired designs graced Fashion Week Brooklyn in the Big Apple. Watch to find out more.


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So that's how it feels to do a live news interview. I didn't expect it would be a live na live interview! haha! Medyo nakakaconcious di ko pinanood to, shinare ko lang agad! LOL

Thank you Early Edition on ANC for sharing my story!

Thank you Billy Jane Ramos Miriam College (formerly Maryknoll) MC sisters! hehe!

The videos are all covered and created by Shaun Sato amazing Pinoy Videographer

I have the best Photographers I am floored! Redford Mancio Matthew Ciscart Michael Maniago ... and Travis Atreyu Dizon (sige na nga hehe)

Fashion Week Brooklyn Rick Davy Tiffany Coates and Jerry Jordan-Brown I am a living proof of how your passion for supporting creatives reached the ends of the world. I never even can book a show in Manila, but you believed in me and what I can do not only once but twice. This opportunity that you gave me I will work hard to pay it forward. (OMG I'm crying)

To my Pinay Pop Squad: Jacqueline Paras, Virginia Liang, Vanessa Ramos, Serenity Ford, Alexa Leimeister, Joyce Sheng, Shanice Brown, Julee Ann Marie, Morgan Glenn, Kabria Carmichael, Caroline Paras and Jeannette Josue THANK YOU! Not only did I find models in New York, but I found gurlfriends and my fabulous gurlsquad. It is the thought of having another chance to work with you gave me that motivation to do this again..

My Backstage Team: Delon, Paola Lazatin and Natalie Sit

My #TiaraGirlsandBoys I would not even be here without you! Sinong mag papack ng bags?? Haha! Nicole Lim Angelou Dominique Angeles Kirstyn Louise Gail Argosino Alynna Dela Cruz John Mark Dimailig and Archie De Guzman Santiago

Ate Genie and Ate Mary Jane Mercado (hindi ako magthatahnk you dun sa mga nambitin ng tahi lol) and of course my hatmakers who wants to keep a low profile.

I am so happy to share these recognition with all of us! Your success is also my success, my success is also your success. Such a dramaqueen I know~ I hope I made you all proud.

Illustrado Magazine: Tracy Dizon among the 100100 Most Talented and Relevant Filipino Designers

October 2, 2018

Illustrado Magazine presents 100 of the hottest Filipino designers from around the globe in our 12th Anniversary Big Fashion Issue. #filipinodesigner #filipinofashion #;pret-a-porter #fashion #style #illustradomagazine In this video (Part 5) Tracy Dizon Bamba Limon Benjie Panizales Edgar Buyan Egay Ayag Ivarluski Aseron Emi Englis Oj Hofer Philip Tampus Veejay Floresco Windell Mira David Tupaz Rommel Balajadia Arcy Gayatin Aztec Barba Mike Yap Ching Marichu Tan

Tracy Dizon Pret-a-Porter Fashion Designer featured in Illustrado Magazine 100 Most Talented and Relevant (current) Filipino designers with who have made their mark abroad!! This kind of recognition is so surreal for me!

Up and Coming Designs

January 22, 2025

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