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Zynon Magazine: Pinoy Pop Life

April 2019

Woot! Super proud of this!! My Tres Marias Pinay Muses Paras Sisters! Finally our first editorial collaboration finally published in Zynon Magazine @zynon.mag These amazing sisters trio are reaping the NYFW runways BY-THE-WAY! Super proud of these gurls! Other than our “Pinoy Pop Life” catching so much love and appreciation globally... Our Pinay Models are also giving that fierce couture Pinay Pride! 
Repost @zynon.mag ・・・
ZYNON Episode 6 is out now!! Click the link in our bio to get a copy!! #ZYNONmagazine
Pinoy Pop Life

Photo by: Michael Maniago @michaelmaniagophotography
Jacqueline Paras @jackietanparas
Jennifer Paras @parasjennifer
Caroline Paras @ladyline08

Make-up: Patty Maldonado
Hair: Kcoey Simons @kcoeystylze
Styling: Tracy Dizon
Hats: @tiarabytracydizon
Accessories: Chockers @anandakanani Rose Earrings: @adanteleyesa
Shoes: @holaliliauthenticethnic

On Jackie: Ifugao Printed Fabric Terno Doll Dress with Tulle Skirt from SS 2019 Pinoy Pop Life Collection Tracy Dizon • Shoes: Hola Lili 
On Jennifer: Ifugao Weave Terno Blouse Top • Bottom: Lounge Pants with Cordillera Weave Waist Band detail • Shoes: Hola Lili 
On Caroline: Black Eyelet Terno Blouse Top with Ifugao Weave accents • Bottom: Striped Squarepants inspired by Modern Maria Clara •
Shoes: Hola Lili

Order your copy here:

Fashion Editorials: Welcome
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Zynon Magazine: Miss Hanoi La Douleur Exquise

April 5, 2018

Creative Director: Tracy Dizon Photography by: Kaalvoet Ranger Assisted by: Hoàng Mũm • Theo Shand Associate Stylist: My Duyên Đào Hair and Make-up by: Thành Nguyễn Assisted by: My Nguyen
All Clothing and Hat Designs by: Tracy Dizon for Tiara by Tracy Dizon All locations shot at the Old Quarter, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam

Fashion Editorials: Welcome
2018 Spring Issue FASHION Issue (COLLECT
2018 Spring Issue FASHION Issue COLLECTO

Moda Mantra: Miss Hanoi Designer Tracy Dizon

March 2018

Fashion Editorials: Welcome

Creativ Magazine: The Fashion Footprint of a Designer Tracy Dizon

January - February 2018


Published on 30 January 2018 in “FashionArt”, language — English. 96 pages.

Issue description: In Issue #24 we highlight Fashion Designer Tracy Dizon from Philippines, Street artist Mike Habs from Los Angeles, Abstract artist Karenina Fabrizzi from Italy. We had the privilege of also putting the spotlight on designers of New York. We love the fact that our contributors come from all over the world.

Magazine description: magazine about empowerment, Art, fashion, creativity and boldness. We shine the light on unsung heroes and create a platform for the artist that deserves to be known


For several months and endless weeks, I have singlehandedly been trying to pitch my collection and story to literally everywhere. E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. Despite my amazing time in New York and that amazing opportunity, I came back to Manila literally feeling I did nothing important. It goes in cycles, I work endlessly, then miserably fail and start to question my own accomplishments and value. I love the Philippines because this is my home country, but whenever I comeback home I feel worthless... I could not even get in any fashion weeks, I could not get in any press that I would start to wonder why I can never be good enough for the industry here.

But then, I can't seem to understand the complete irony when I tried sending my story pitch to Creativ Magazine -- A US-based Art Magazine for Emerging Artists and Designers... Within an hour, I got all great phrases to the Editor-in-Chief herself. I was just so happy to be included finally! I did not expect I would be the cover-page story and a 20-page-story even so! I am beyond ecstatic!

Same with Fashion Weeks and Fashion Shows, soon after my show, I got unexpected invitations with NYFW -- Three productions in Manhattan, two shows in Canada and also in Dubai. But I still feel that pinch in my heart not being able to do a show here in the Philippines. I want to have a show here because I want to work with the people, my colleagues, the models I dreamt of working with, I want my interns to actually experience the backstage -- despite their constant support preparing behind the scenes, I know they always wish for actually joining the chaos. I want to invite my co-workers from all the jobs I did in my life... But still I have not gotten any luck in the Philippines. I still try out monthly, and just last week I still gotten the templated answer that is so stone cold and demoralizing to some extent.

Some would say, just be contented and focus on what I have. I have worked and juggled this tough job and sometimes sacrificed my sanity just working my ass off. I don't think it's a greedy wish to get a little recognition in Manila and stage my own show here. I just wanted to share the whole story, experience to everyone in my hometown, I hope that's not greedy to ask.

Anyways, sorry for the long bipolar and manic depressive shares here. It is my only outlet. But I would be framing this coverpage story (once it gets shipped in Manila haha) to remind myself that somewhere in the world I am special. Even if I am not that important here.

I mean no offense to anyone, I just want to share my heart.

Fashion Editorials: Welcome
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