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Tracy Dizon

Fashion Collection Archives

Professionally practicing Fashion Design, Costume Design and Fashion Styling since 2006, some of the most noteworthy designs made by Tracy Dizon through the years.

Fashion Design: Welcome

S/S 2019 Pinoy Pop Life

New York, U.S.A.
2018 Solis Magazine x Fashion Week Brooklyn Fashion Designer Competition Third Place Winner | 2019 Spring Summer Closing Finale for Fashion Week Brooklyn

Fashion Design: Haute Couture

S/S 2018 Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise

New York, U.S.A.
2017 Rise Art & Design x Fashion Week Brooklyn Fashion Designer Competition Grand Winner | 2018 Spring Summer Opening Collection for Fashion Week Brooklyn

Fashion Design: Haute Couture

Signature Style Boardwalk Philippines

2013 - 2014

Tracy Dizon offers timeless and fashion-forward pieces, inspired by everyday beauty. My diverse line is represented by many collections, which have developed from ideas to realities throughout my career as a Fashion Designer. My goal is to create exclusive designs that each wearer can adapt to freely express their own unique and wonderful style.

Fashion Design: About
Japan Fashion Design Contest 2.png

47th Japan Fashion Design Contest

October 2009 | Tokyo, Japan

Together with Filipino Fashion Designers Veejay Floresca and Nicole Mori, Tracy Dizon represented Philippines in the longest running Fashion Design Contest in Japan in 2009.

Fashion Design: Welcome
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