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SS2018 Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise: Image

S/S 2018 Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise

Rise Art & Design x FWBK Fashion Designer Competition Grand Winner

Designer’s Prologue

“Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise” Spring/Summer 2018 Collection by yours truly, all started out as a personal escape to moving forward, of seeking rebirth, finding new beginnings and fighting to falling love again. I named this collection “Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise” as my personal swan song over the pain of loving someone you cannot have. I started to paint the pain of an unrequited love but I refused to be defeated. I thought to myself: An unexpressed pure love and displaced passion is an unmet greatness... I will never be a “greatness unmet”. I choose to redeem myself with

my art and my heart through this collection.
So just a short funny back story, I fell in love with the sweetest most romantic French Boy who lives in Hanoi,

Vietnam. We met in paradise that I couldn’t get over the fantasy. I was so head over heels in love that I booked myself a flight after missing him for a month and when I arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam — a very new land that I have never been to (plus I do not know anyone either!) — The French Boy dumped me because he told me he has met this “Hanoi Girl” and we both should move on. Ouch. Burn. So there I was in a foreign land, that I don’t know of and I was dumped. But NO, I will not be defeated by this! I’m a fashion designer! I

may be singing my Swan Song but I am not going to be defeated.
I started wondering who this “Miss Hanoi Girl” is, as I started sketching and
imagining this lady who “stole” my man... I started imagining through my designs what type of girl she is... Getting so much inspiration from the beautiful traditional
Vietnamese Ao Dai Dresses and the Hanoi culture I started painting this fantasy girl in my mind.
Being alone in this beautiful untouched city, got me all inspired. The rich fabrics, the untainted culture and the passionate fire of nationalism that runs through the spirit of the Vietnamese People...This is a nation that the world should get to know and appreciate even more so.
As I started painting my heart’s desires and singing my swan song in this new land of untainted inspiration I started making these pieces that I’ve realised... Every girl can be this “Miss Hanoi Girl” in my clothing! The vision of seeing fashion icons like Anna Dello Russo and Misha Janette, artists like Bjork and Katy Perry or even the young fashion blood like Tavy Gevinson could rock this “Miss Hanoi” looks too!
As I complete this self searching and personal reflections, I find myself that I can pour my love through this beautiful vision that... in my purest heart and desire and my creative mind, I can be “Miss Hanoi” that every girl in Hanoi and even beyond outside Hanoi would want to wear... and as for you Mr. French Boy, you’ll be seeing me in every girl you would date in this beautiful City of Hanoi with the clothing pieces I’ve created.
In the process of developing this new collection with a driving force of a new and revamped Tracy Dizon, I found myself fully inspired and energised with the purity and beauty of Hanoi, Vietnam meshed with my creative soul and deep desire for love. I present to you... “Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise” Don’t be sad over my Swan Song, she’s this fresh fierce fashion girl the world is yet to know!

SS2018 Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise: Collections

Lotus Ensemble

This Lotus Flower inspired Look was literally my first design I’ve conceptualized for the whole Miss Hanoi collection. This imaginary fantasy girl that started the madness! Inspired by Vietnam’s National Flower, the Lotus Flower, Lotus Flower Fields are abundant walking along the serene area of West Lake in Hanoi especially on the months of June and July. It was inspired by the beautiful lotus flower bed along the West Lake in Hanoi where I spent many times strolling in Hanoi.


Flowerbed Ensemble

Vietnamese Flowers: This “Floral Ao Dai Look” is inspired by the flower vendors of Vietnam. This is also a modernized interpretation of the Ao Dai. Inspired by the Vietnamese Flower Vendors, some vendors are still in their traditional Ao Dai work clothes. The fresh blooms in Hanoi are abundant every morning all throughout the year. Fresh flowers are basic part of the Hanoi day to day life which is something I have come to admire in Hanoi. It charmed me into falling in love with Hanoi.


The Phở Ensemble

The Phở Noodle Soup: Inspired Inspired by the Phở Noodle Soup, one of the most famous street food in Vietnam. The Ceramic Wares of Vietnam are also noteworthy produce of Vietnam. This third look is inspired by the blue porcelain and ceramic wares of Vietnam and a fun twist of a bowl of Phở Noodles one of the all-time favorite Vietnamese Cuisine!


The Stamp Dress

The Stamp Dress: Inspired literally by the Stamp Stores along the busy streets of the Old Quarter in Hoàn Kiếm District of Hanoi. Stamp Carving is easily done with local artisans as you wait. It was a long Buddhist tradition of using stamps as signatures... It has now been adapted as a tourist novelty item. I truly admire Vietnam’s rich craftsmanship with these very intricate stamp art all hand carved by highly skilled craftsmen! Surprisingly, the red and white combination appealed to many Asian Clients! Some loved how this could be a younger fun traditional bridal dress, it can also be a lovely Lunar New Year Holiday Dress! Isn’t that fun?!


Chambray Ao Dai

The Chambray Ao Dai is inspired by the interesting lifestyle at the Hoan Kiem Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam specifically the influx of the “omni-present” plastic chairs of Hanoi. From the comfy dramatic resort pants to the modernized Ao Dai blouse. I call this look the “Chambray Ao Dai” as this is my modern interpretation of the traditional Ao Dai look. The interesting mix of Hanoi lifestyle both urban mixed with traditional This look is one of our versatile look as it can be wearable to any casual, professional and relaxed occasions!


Bức tranh tường Day Dress

Con đường Gốm sứ (Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural ) : The Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural is the inspiration behind this modernized Ao Dai Geometric Dress. The Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic is the the world’s largest ceramic wall found in Hanoi. The beautiful colorful wall stretch 4 KM long, tells many stories about Vietnam.


Romper Ao Dai

Inspired by the Traditional Ao Dai and the Conical Hat: It is such a fascinating sight to see Vietnamese’s Clothing Culture is still alive and practiced. Cultures as such are a good source of inspiration for daily clothing inside and outside Vietnam.


Romper Ao Dai

Inspired by the Traditional Ao Dai and the Conical Hat: It is such a fascinating sight to see Vietnamese’s Clothing Culture is still alive and practiced. Cultures as such are a good source of inspiration for daily clothing inside and outside Vietnam.
Moreover, inspire by the mix of colorful native products of Vietnam


Propaganda Ensemble

The Military Fashion: Vietnamese Military Hats are famous and high regarded novelty item of Vietnam. It’s a staple merchandize along the tourist area all throughout the year.


Trái Cây Ensemble

Fruits and Propaganda: The Fruits and vegetation of Vietnam are so abundant. Street foods are filled with different tropical fruits and vegetable. More so, numerous Vietnamese Propaganda Art highly encourages agriculture and planting. A very timeless message until today even so current in times.


đồ chơi Ensemble

Toys and Texture: Inspired by the colorful souvenirs of toys and plush animals. The bursts of neon ethnic prints are quite unforgettable and rich in it alone.


Ao Dai Vải Chim Công

The Ao Dai Fashion: Vietnam takes pride with their Ao Dai Fashion, highlighting the slim shape of Vietnamese Women without revealing too much skin.


Ren Sứ Porcelain Ensemble

Inspired by different ceramic wall textures along the rustic shabby chic architectures of Hanoi. The Blue Porcelain is such an elegant visual.


Màu Hồng Hoa

Flower Beds of Hoan Kiem: The Flower Beds oalong Hoan Kiem Lake are filled in pinks and red during springtime. Hanoi’s Traditional Fabrics are abundant with the same abundance of flowers of their surroundings.


Military Hmong Ensemble

Inspired by the Colorful Proganda Art and Millitary Fashion abundant in the tourist center of Hanoi and specifically, the local coffee shop interiors with strong influences of military aesthetic.


Ao Dai Dolly Dress

My own personal out take on Vietnam Dolls and Ao Dai. In every Tracy Dizon Collection there will always be a touch of pink doll dress. Inspired by the beautiful Vietnamese Dolls


Hmong Doll Dress

Mainly inspired by the colorful ceramic piggy banks of Hoan Kiem District and quite interesting craft of Vietnam, The festive colors and richness of textures and details is the main spirit of this key piece item of the collection. It is also made and inspired from the beautiful Hmong Tribe Fabrics fusion with Tracy Dizon’s signature doll dress.

Miss Hanoi

Miss Hanoi

SS2018 Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise: Video Player
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S/S 2018 Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise

How does a girl find a personal escape to moving forward? How does a girl seek rebirth? How does girl find a new beginning? How does a girl fight for love to fall love again all in an untainted City of Hanoi, Vietnam? Every wanderlust girl would find herself lost somewhere but find herself all over again... Join me in this special journey of growing up, facing growing pains, falling in love with heart breaks and finding myself all over again through this beautiful collection.
Creative Director: Tracy Dizon
Photography by: Kaalvoet Ranger
Assisted by: Hoàng Mũm • Theo Shand 
Associate Stylist: My Duyên Đào
Hair and Make-up by: Thành Nguyễn Assisted by: My Nguyen
All Clothing and Hat Designs by: Tracy Dizon for Tiara by Tracy Dizon
All locations shot at the Old Quarter, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam

SS2018 Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise: Collections
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Designer's Prologue

MissHanoi: La Douleur Exquise
Tracy Dizon 
Spring Summer 2018

SS2018 Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise: Welcome
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