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Tiara by Tracy Dizon

Quirky Millinery Cute Couture

Fashion Designer turned Miliner, Tracy Dizon developed and founded Tiara by Tracy Dizon in 2009, after her nationwide fashion competition, the Project Runway Philippines Season 2. Several clients begin to inquire prom dresses, graduation ball gowns and all those cocktail wear made-to-order. There were also clients which wanted to match made-to-order dresses to match a bag and hats.

By the latter months of 2009, together with (Tracy Dizon’s former silent partner and highschool best friend Jasmine Antonio) were already developing Tiara by Tracy Dizon’s birth. They decided to name it “Tiara” to have this easy name recall of something you put in your head and at the same time it was close to her name Tracy. “That The Universe Conspires...” truly brought her to where Tiara by Tracy Dizon has gone to. Eventually, Jasmine had to defer from Tiara since she had to focus on her career as an Architect.

As Tracy was also selected as a Philippine Representative to the 47th Japan Fashion Design Contest in 2009 with Veejay Floresca and Nicole Mori. Japan opened up a whole world of love and appreciation with her weird child-like aesthetic. That’s when she realized in trying to penetrate the international market where options are wider and more open to different bold and playful designs.

Tiara by Tracy Dizon formally launch online in February 2010.The company has able to launch Wedding Collections, Cocktail Collections and some quirky unique stuff like Valentines Day and Pop Art Pieces in 2010. Just in a few weeks time of releasing Tiara by Tracy Dizon in Facebook, it already had its first major published half-page spread newspaper feature by Philippine Star.

Tiara by Tracy Dizon also had her first wedding collaboration by April 2010 with co-designer Veejay Floresca.

Tiara by Tracy Dizon initially aimed as an online store, but opportunities knocked that was better. After the major newspaper feature, Tiara by Tracy Dizon was invited to consign in a very posh space in a mall in Makati City, (AC+632), the company’s first stockist. Rather than aiming to just another online stores, consignment to a retail store stirred into the business direction which can still preserve the personal appeal of the designs to retail.

As the brand  grows, wedding, event clientele collaborations were made with Veejay Floresca, Joey Samson, Hazel Santana, and many more. Numerous press and television features such are Umagang KayGanda (featuring designed fascinators in theme of the Royal Wedding), Manila Bulletin, NBN Sheka Morning News, 30 and Under article rises through 2010 to 2012. She also had a collaboration project with a local retail company — BoardwalkPH that had her and the designs in a national billboard ad campaign nationwide.

Top fashion editor, fashion stylist Misha Janette Fleming, an American fashion pioneer in Tokyo High Street Fashion that gave her opportunity as her first Tokyo collaboration. She worked with her and wore Ms. Dizon’s pieces in Tokyo’s posh-est events by Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani. As Misha Janette started wearing Tracy Dizon’s design pieces, it started to gain attention from Tokyo’s top fashion magazines that led to her first publish feature by SOEN Tokyo Fashion Magazine in 2013. She then was able to produce the Kitty Chan Collection which is still selling in the market at present.

Also, in 2013, she targeted to find another consignment in Tokyo – in Harajuku that carried the brand. Having the platform of being advertised in Tokyo – the Avant Garde fashion capital of the world, this led invitations to consign to other places like Dubai, NYC etc. Sadly, the Avant Garde closed down in 2015. From there, it didn’t stop and gave birth to more collections, namely Event Tea Party and Event Tea Party Holiday Collection.

By 2014, the company produced the Burger Queen collection and features from WWD Japan, Vivi Magazine and another from SOEN Magazine. Also, wedding editorial with Marian Rivera and Sense + Style editoral by 2015 was published.

She worked with local celebrities as clients like Tessa Prieto-Valdes, a fashionista socialite who really have fun with her clothing and Maxene Magalona, a very influential actress coming from a lineage of actors and actress which were able to wear her design pieces.

Her first international trade show, Manila Wear of Manila Fame in 2016 was launched wherein the show caters to exporters of the Philippines, subsidized and supported by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) wherein Miss Hanoi collection was first featured which produced a lot of inquiries from all over the world.

She joined the Rise Art & Design’s Fashion Designer Competition in New York which redefine her 2017. The brand was able to launched a spring/summer sunglasses collection through a collaboration with RiseAD. This collection is part of a prize for winning the first Rise Art&Design Designer Competition. The collection features sunglasses with curated versions of my designs infused into the frames.

She had her ultimate break through, bringing home the bacon from Fashion Week Brooklyn’s Spring/Summer 2018 Showcase with the S/S 2018 Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise Collection. This experience/opportunity gave her numerous accounts of press & media and the international spotlight.

Now, onto the next collection with a theme of Pinoy Pop, she’s giving way for her very own; showing her pride and heritage, the Philippines. Ready to impart on a journey to be known not only locally and internationally with collection with inspirations from the culture and the arts of the Philippines.


Our Mission

Our mission is to add a touch of glamour and a dash of Tracy's quirky style to your cocktail, bridal, formal, and if you wish, your everyday ensembles! Promote Philippine indigenous materials  and craftsmanship with various interesting and quirky materials all over the world! Creating a globally competitive Proud Filipino Made Brand!


Kittychan Bows Collection

Tiara by Tracy Dizon Bestselling Collection since 2012


Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise

Tiara by Tracy Dizon Spring Summer 2018 Millinery Collection

Tracy Dizon has a reputation for pushing design boundaries with my pieces. Like every artist, I have stylistic influences. Mine are namely the people and places I’ve experienced throughout my life. My desire is to create something you will cherish, a special piece that will be enjoyed for many years to come. Take a look at my newest collection and see all of my designs come to life.

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Tiara by Tracy Dizon Bridal Collections

I love creating custom designs for clients when they have a particular idea in mind. With this type of personalized service, you’re able to get an exclusive item that truly reflects your own creativity and individual style. Custom designs always inspire me, so feel free to get in touch with me to start creating something amazing.


Shabby Chic Bridal Collection


Jane Austen Brides


Bridal Editorials