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Round 6 Kawaii Leader Tracy Dizon

NHK World Japan Kawaii International

Thank you so much all my dearest loyal friends I kept bugging daily for one whole month! I am not online famous but I do am blessed with many different friends from kawaii friends, fashion friends, mommy friends, teacher friends, party friends, Japan - Hanoi - Paris - NYC and Philippine Friends. I am quite taken by a shock how New Yorkers are so supportive on this whole Kawaii Contest! I find myself being recognized by New Yorker Fashionistas and tell me they voted for me because of my moving story! That is just crazy amazing! I never thought I even stood a chance with such worthy and challenging co-finalists! They were all great!! To my dearest kababayan, I know you are the most intense and dedicated online voters for that I am so grateful to everyone who continuously who voted for me! Maraming salamat po! Kawaii Culture is all about living a playful unique spirit... which I’ve been doing all throughout my real life and work life. I am beyond honored to be acknowledged through this Kawaii Leader Contest! I would still be doing and living a kawaii life on and off cameras anyways. Stay tuned as we have so much planned for this amazing chance bringing Kawaii in New York! I’m so excited to show you in the coming weeks finding Kawaii in NYFW, people watching and how to rock being a kawaii mom in real life!

Design Awards and Competitions: Video
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Design Awards and Competitions: Image
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Rise Art & Design
Fashion Week Brooklyn

Fashion Designer Competition 2017

NEW YORK — Filipina quirky streetwear designer and milliner Tracy Dizon bagged the inaugural Rise Art&Design Fashion Design Competition launched by the label Rise Sport, a New York company specializing in sports apparel and accessories in collaboration with Fashion Week Brooklyn.

Her concept is a semi-autobiographical note from the memories of a visit to the bustling city of Hanoi, woven into an ethnographic account of Vietnam’s material culture. Titled Miss Hanoi: La Douleur Exquise, the winning creation consists of an eclectic ensemble appropriating Ao Dai dresses, Vietnamese fabrics, military uniforms and icons of Vietnamese history conceived for an “imaginary local girl.”

Design Awards and Competitions: About

Based in Manila, the designer currently owns and directs the brand Tiara by Tracy Dizon. Mentored by several Fashion experts such as Josie Natori (Natori), being a member of Manila Wear for Manila Fame and Jojie Lloren when she joined the second Philippine Edition of the popular reality fashion TV show, Project Runway, in 2009. Competed internationally in Japan Fashion Design Contest (Tokyo), AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search (Malaysia) and Vietnam Emerging Designer (Vietnam).

Design Awards and Competitions: About
Design Awards and Competitions: Pro Gallery
Japan Fashion Design Contest 2_edited.png

47th Japan Fashion Design Contest

October 2009 | Tokyo, Japan

Together with Filipino Fashion Designers Veejay Floresca and Nicole Mori, Tracy Dizon represented Philippines in the longest running Fashion Design Contest in Japan in 2009.

Design Awards and Competitions: Welcome
Design Awards and Competitions: Pro Gallery
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